Welcome to the technical portal of the LRIS web pages. These pages are meant to give highly technical information about LRIS, including drawings, troubleshooting, service manuals and procedures.


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Procedures Tools
  • home.tcl -- GUI to home LRIS stages
  • init.tcl -- GUI to initialize various LRIS systems
  • telnet -- example of how to use telnet to interact with API motor controllers
  • atest.tcl -- GUI to send moves and read input/output bits on API motor controllers
  • ctest.tcl -- GUI to operate clamps and cell retainer latches on blue transports
  • rabs.tcl -- GUI to read absolute encoders
  • rlvdt.tcl -- GUI to read LVDT sensor through a Keithley Metrabyte ADC.
  • tdl -- test data link between CCD saddlebags and VME crates
  • cari1 -- Read and display Bit info for blue stages. Screen shot.
  • xfocus -- Engineering version of XFOCUS routine.
  • Hatch control test scripts -- Scripts used to test the motion of the hatch.
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