The following procedure will allow the support astronomer or technician to safely move the carousel when one or more of the carousel flags have been misaligned. Interlocks will prevent the carousel from rotating. The following summarizes the carousel interlocks:

  1. Will not move if the pin for the carousel cover is removed.
  2. Will not move if Cell Retainer is unlatched.
  3. Will not move if Transport is not stowed.
  4. Will not move if Brake is engaged.

Check the above interlocks and notify the LRIS Support Astronomer before proceeding to the procedure. Use a punaluu xterm window to run commands. The blue mechanisms can also be moved by going to the LRIS Workspace Menu > Engineering, and selecting the proper GUI.

Tools Required:

3/32 allen wrench


  1. The carousel in question should be facing in the up direction. For the grism and dichroic, the rotator position should be at 90 and 180 if working on the blue filter.
  2. The status of the interlocks can be viewed at:
  3. Bits 6 and 7 on I1 should be set to 1. If either one is set to 0, proceed to step 4.
  4. Remove the flag cover to inspect the flags in question.
  5. Loosen the two socket head cap screws that mount the flag.
  6. Adjust the flag/s until both bits 6 and 7 on I1 are set to 1. On an xterm window use command cari1 telnet # (# = 14 for blue filter, 15 for dichroic, 16 for grism).
  7. Rotate the carousel to each position and verify that bits 6 and 7 for all the positions are set. m griscar=#, m dichcar=#, m blufcar=#; where # is position of carousel.
  8. Run the home sequence for the carousel. home.tcl
  9. Verify that the latching mechanism unlatches and latches the cell
  10. Transport the cell to the deployed position. m gtran = #, m dtran = #, btran = #, where # = 1 for deploy and 0 for stow.