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This program allows one to move a motor, set output bits and read input and output bit states.


Launch the program by either


To use this program, one must first determine which terminal server and terminal sever port to which the controller is connected. See the online list of controllers, servers and ports. Then enter the terminal server name and port number in the appropriate entry box. Possible actions are:
Read Bits
Click READ to read the states of the I1, I2 and O1 bits.
Set Bits
To set output bits, enter the correct bit pattern in the entry box above and click on the SET button.
Move Motor
After setting the output bits as needed to select the motor, enter the distance in motor microsteps in the appropriate entry box. Click MOVE to send the MOVE command to the controller.


You want to send the M1 stage of the movable guider to the positive limit.
  1. From checking the port list, you see that the settings for this stage are:
  2. Type telnet tsred 3015 at the Unix prompt.
  3. Type :3 to select the unit that controls the M1 stage.
  4. Type CTRL-] and enter quit to exit the telnet session.
  5. Enter tsblue in the TSName entry box.
  6. Enter 3015 in the Port entry box.
  7. Enter 10000000 in the Distance entry box.
  8. Enter 00001111 in the Outputs entry box.
  9. Click the SET button to set the output bits.
  10. Click the MOVE button to send the move.

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