Tools Required:


The following procedure applies to the removal of the filter on the blue side for LRIS. Log in as lriseng and bring up a punaluu xterm window. Type the following command at the punaluu prompt:

  • Click on the position number you wish to remove, and click the SET button to move the carousel. The carousel is now in position for replacing the filter.
  • Rotate LRIS so that the filter carousel is at the top of the instrument. This will make it much easier to load and unload the filter.
  • Climb on top of the instrument and locate the carousel.
  • Pull the tethered T-handle which locks the load door in place. Note: The pin is an interlock for the carousel.
  • Open the load door.
  • Screw in the palm-grip handle. This allows you to lift out the filter, and also locks down the latching mechanism to the cell assembly.
  • The holder is kept in place using 3 or 4 screws which secure the optic cell around the edge of the plate. Use a 7/64 allen head wrench to loosen these captive screws until they rattle.
  • Carefully lift the filter out of the carousel.
  • Place the filter to be serviced in its storage case or cart.
  • Remove the palm-grip handle from the element.
  • If removing more than one filter, repeat steps 9 thru 13.
  • Close the load door.
  • Insert the tethered T-handle which locks the load door in place.