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Instrument Master: Marc Kassis
Secondary Instrument Master: Bob Goodrich

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This document gives the latest day-to-day operational information for NIRC.

Current observers: check the "Latest News" above to see what has been happening with NIRC recently. Also, from Hawaii check our Instrument Activities Schedule to see whether NIRC is ready for the night. (See whether the line described as "K1 INSTRUMENT READY" has been initialed in the fifth column of the schedule.)

For general information about the telescope, see the Keck home page.

For help with instrument problems during the night, contact your on-call instrument specialist; contact instructions are given here.

Observers are highly encouraged to fill out the Post Observing Comment Form after their run, in order to provide feedback to The Observatory on all aspects of their interaction with us.

For detailed information on running NIRC and to get a copy of the NIRC User's Manual, please contact Bob Goodrich (email:, or phone: (808) 881-3869).

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