W. M. Keck Observatory
Contacting Support Astronomers

In case of problems with the instrument during the night, contact your Support Astronomer.

If you have problems with the instrument, please call your Support Astronomer at once. All the contact phone numbers for the Support Astronomers are posted on the wall directly over the observer's workstations in the Remote Operations rooms and on the wall of the summit control rooms. For best results, try your Support Astronomer's cell number first (1st #). If there is no answer, try the number in the next column (2nd #).

If you have problems with the instrument and your Support Astronomer is still in the HQ building, page her or him using the phone system: pick up the receiver on any telephone extension, press the PAGE button, dial 1, state your message, and hang up. If you are observing from the summit, ask your OA for help paging the Support Astronomer at Waimea HQ.

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