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65-1158 Mamalahoa Hwy.
Kamuela, HI 96743

An electronic publication of The West Hawaii Astronomy Club -

    Andrew Cooper

Vice President:
    Cliff Livermore



With Support From:
Canada-France Hawaii Telescope and
W. M. Keck Observatory

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Keck Uranus AO image

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A few images of club members and their toys.
We're always looking for more, so if you haven't sent your favorite photo yet,
let us know and we'll include it here.

John Sillasen
MKVIS Volunter John Sillasen
getting ready to lead a summit tour in 2008

Mark Baril and his telescope
at the Summer star party
Doug & Paul
Doug and Paul collimating Paul's telescope at the Summer star party

Cliff in Waikoloa
Cliff Livermore has a nice setup at home in Waikoloa for his toys

AstroDay 2007
Many WHAC'Os supported Astro Day 2007 at the visitor's center on Mauna Kea"

Wayne Fukunaga controlling member Bill Brevoort's telescope at Hale A'A".

Cliff volunteering at the VIS on Mauna Kea

Craig - first light with the 10"

Doug with the 22" DGT

Craig with his ultra-light 16" dobsonian and some visitors from Seattle

Jack at our washed-out December, 2005 observing session

Kyle at our washed-out December, 2005 observing session

DGT at K1
Scott Hartman and his 12.5" Starmaster, with Doug Summers and his self-built 22" DGT,
along with fellow enthusiast Adam Contos posing on the summit of Mauna Kea at Keck I

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