LGSAO Software

One of the goals of the Keck laser guide star adaptive optics (LGSAO) science verification effort is to provide tools and techniques for the planning and analysis of LGSAO observations to the Keck user community. For the time being, this page will include LGSAO planning and NIRC2 analysis tools writen by the Keck AO team or astronomers collaborating on the science verification effort. We welcome contributions by all users of the Keck AO system. All software is of course provided as is, with no warranty or support implied.

Planning tools
LGSAO Planning Tools tutorial
  • AO Guide Star Tool New!
    aka on-line TSS widget written by S. H. Kwok.
    The tool designed to help AO guide star from various catalogs for both LGS and NGS AO.
    The help pages are yet to be written!
  • Tip-tilt reference star identification: findttref.pro (updated 09 Mar. 2006)
    - Included /check2mass option to check for Kmag and contamination by extended sources.
    - Note: After 22feb2006 findttref requires new queryvizier.pro from GSFC
  • PSF star identification: findlgspsf.pro (added 01/21/05)
  • Required subroutines for above programs: readstarlist.pro (updated 01/21/05), starstring.pro (added 01/21/05),
  • PA planning for off-axis TT stars: link to online tool
  • LGSAO target list format checker: link to online tool
  • Target Observing Planning: check airmass, Nasmyth limit, etc

Data reduction and analysis tools

Other AO software resources