Throughput Curves

The following plot shows the measured throughputs for all the Echelle spectral orders available. The throughputs are based on on-sky measurements of the Feige 110 standard acquired in December 2020 (courtesy of Joe Hennawi). The spectra were not corrected for slit loss. They include the contribution of the telescope and the atmospheric effects. The sharp cut off blueward from 1 micron is due to the coating of the prisms.

Reduced Spectra (sky subtracted, flatfielded, extracted)

Combined Orders
Echelle Photometric central Mag. for
Order band λ SNR=5 in 1 hour
5 and 6 J 1.25μm J=21.2
4 H 1.635μm H=21.7
3 K 2.20μm K=21.8