1. Submit your VSQ Reservations
  2. Create starlists
  3. Create finding charts
  4. Contact SA if you will be using remote observing
  5. Acquire DVD/CD cases

Pre-Run Checklist

  1. Submit your VSQ reservation form. Please see the Lodging Reservation Request form for your run. This should be completed two weeks before your run. If you will be using a mainland osberving site for remote observations, please read see the policies for remote observing.
  2. Create a starlist. Please see the starlists documentation for the format of the star lists.
  3. Prepare finding charts. We recommend that you create finding charts for all of your intended target fields. Finding charts should cover an area of the sky slightly larger than the instrument or guider field-of-view.
  4. Remote Observing You will need to contact the remote observing coordinators at Keck four weeks in advance if you intend to remotely observe or eavesdrop. To view the policies on mainland observing or to find out who to contact to make a request, please see the Mainland Observing web documentation.
  5. Acquire DVD/CD cases. Keck provides DVD/CD backups for your convinience. Please do not bring DVD or CD media with you. DO BRING a case, jewel boxes, or other means of transporting your DVDs and CDs back to your home institution.

    please see the Autobackup documentation for more information on our DVD/CD data backup process.