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NIRES New Optical Guider (09/05/2022)

We have replaced the old PXL guider with an Andor Marana camera equipped with a shutterless cMOS back-illuminated 2048x2048 detector. The plate scale is smaller but the overll FOV is very similar to the previous camera..

Slit Viewing Camera Guiding (06/01/2022)

We have improved the original software running the H1 detector. Now it is possible to guide with the slit-viewing camera. This is suggested in cases where there are no visible guide stars..

NIRES Throughput Curves (09/19/2018)

We have calculated preliminary throughput curves for NIRES. They are posted on the throughput and sensitivity pages.

NIRES Service Mission (03/31/2018)

On 03/05/18 we identified the shadow of a loose screw projected on top a spectral flat. Since a loose metal piece so close to the main detector poised a serious risk, we decided to warm up the instrument. On previous runs, we had also identified the shadows of some other transparent loose pieces that would move away after rotating the instrument.

On 03/17/18 K. Matthews removed the detector from the instrument and found a connector bracket loose in the cavity between the detector and a saphire window. We also found a piece of mylar tape and a couple of washers. After re-attaching the bracket, we proceeded to start pumping the instrument.

On 03/19/18 the instrument was installed back on the telescope

NIRES First Science Night (02/01/2018)

On 02/01/18 Rui Xue and Jingzhe Ma performed the first sceince observations with NIRES.

NIRES Shipment (04/17/17)
After departing Caltech on 03/31/17 NIRES finally arrived at Keck 2 on April 17.

NIRES leaving Caltech.

NIRES arriving to Mauna Kea.