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NIRES (Near-Infrared Echellette Spectrometer) is a prism cross dispersed near-infrared spectrograph to be mounted on the Keck 2 telescope at right bent Cassegrain port. It has a separate slit-viewing channel to enable real-time source identification and guiding in the near-infrared (K'). In addition, an optical camera (FOV 1.8' x 1.8') is available for offset guiding. NIRES is very similar to TripleSpec at APO 3.5m, Palomar 5m, and ARCoIRIS at CTIO . In addition, NIRES is fitted with a Flexure Control System (FCS) to minimize the effects of flexure. Led by PIs Keith Matthews and Tom Soifer, NIRES is developed at Caltech. Commissioning is planned to start in 2017B. A general overview of this family of instruments is described in Wilson et al. 2004, SPIE, 5492, 1295.

NIRES optical layout.

NIRES installed at the RBC port.
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