Calibration unit

Error (85): Axis has not been homed

While trying to move one of the element of the calibration unit, or while running a focus/offset script, there is an error.
The calibration unit has not been initialized
  1. From the command line, run:

Computers & Software


DCS or instrument keywords missing in image headers

Keywords such as RA, Dec, ROTPPOSN, or keywords related to the instrument status, are not found in the image headers. These keywords can still be obtained from the kcwiserver command line via show -s dcs commands or by showing individual servers keywords.
The keygrabber process has lost its connection to DCS or to one of the servers, or it is not running.
Use this procedure to restart keygrabber:
  1. Wait for the exposure to end; do not begin another
  2. kcwi stop keygrabber
  3. kcwi start keygrabber
Newly-acquired images should now have these keywords in the image header.

MIRA fails with "cp: missing second argument" error

The MIRA procedure starts but as soon as a focal plane camera image is taken, the script ends with an error about missing second argument on "cp"
The filename of the focal plane camera images is wrong.
The filename of the focal plane camera should be in the format: kfYYMMDD_<number>.fits
  1. Check the expected filename with the command framerootfpc
  2. Check the current filename with the command show -s kfcs outfile
  3. If they are different, use the following command to fix the problem: modify -s kfcs outfile=`framerootfpc`
  4. Re-run MIRA

Detector stops taking images or rejects input

It is impossible to start a new exposure. Neither the command line nor the buttons are able to initiate an exposure.
The detector server is in a bad state. This usually results from pausing an exposure following with an abort or stop.
The detector server should be restarted.
  1. From the login menu, open a terminal as the CURRENT user
  2. Run kcwiRecoverBlueDetector
  3. Take a test exposure tintb 0; goib


Generic errors running mechanisms

Mechanisms moves fail with errors such as:
Either the Galil controller or the server are in a bad state. Might be both. A stage might not initialized.
1. Check if the stages are homed/initialized.
Calibration Unit:
If the failure is related to the calibration unit, it is always safe to initialize it again.
From the background menu, Home/Initialize Components > Initialize Calibration Unit
This can take a long time.
If you are sure of which stage is not initialized, you can use the low level engineering GUI:
KCWI Engineering > Low Level Engineering GUIs > Calibration Unit
The GUI is self-explanatory, and stages can be homed one by one.
Blue Exchanger
The only stage that needs to be initialized is the grating rotator. The status can be checked with:
show -s kbes grhomed
If it needs to be initialized, use:
modify -s kbes grhome=1
Camera Focus
The status can be checked with:
show -s kbms fochomed
If it needs to be initialized, use:
modify -s kbms fochome=1
Once this is done, you need to restore a sensible focus value, such as focusb -1.85
2. If this doesn't solve the problem after sending the move again, we need to look at restarting the servers.
The calibration unit is controlled by the kcas server, the blue exchanger is on kbes, and the camera is on kbms.
Any server can be restarted with kcwi restart <server>
It is always a good idea to restart the keygrabber after restarting a server
kcwi stop keygrabber; kcwi start keygrabber
3. If the problem persists, it might be time to power cycle the Galils.
The main command is kcwiPower.
Note that the Galils are coupled. The rotator and the calibration server are on the same port (server 3, port 8), and the blue exchanger and the blue mechanisms are on the same port (server 2, port 7). Be aware that power cycling one of them, will power cycle the other too. This means that a stage might need to be initialized again even if it was working before.
The procedure to follow is:
- shut down the corresponding servers with kcwi stop <server>
- power cycle the galil
- wait about a minute for the power up procedure of the galil to complete
- restart the servers with kcwi start <server>
- verify stages are initialized (see above)
- restart the keygrabber
4. If that doesn't work, it's time to call the instrument master


Rotator does not not seem to communicate with TCSU, is stuck on Idle, Halt, or Slew

Facsum reports an incorrect status, skypa cannot be set
The rotator is not fully initialized, or watchrot has either died or is in a bad state
1. Restart watchrot
From a terminal on kcwiserver use:
kcwi stop watchrot
kcwi start watchrot
2. If that doesn't work, stop watchrot and initialize the rotator from the background menu

Guider and Focal Plane Camera

The guider reports "INTERNAL MODE"

Using the EXPOSE button produces errors for "INTERNAL MODE"
The kcwi magiq camera server is not working correctly.
The OA can fix this problem by restarting the KCWI magiq camera server and the magiq server

The Focal Plane Camera is not exposing, is rejecting keyword changes

Exposures fail, attemps to change the exposure time fail, the camera cannot be powered up
Either the camera hardware or the kfcs server are in a bad state
Use these commands to restore camera functionalities:
fpcamPower off
kcwi restart kfcs
fpcamPower on
Restart the AutodisplayFPC from the KCWI Control background menu, under Subcomponents
Restart the keygrabber
kcwi stop keygrabber; kcwi start keygrabber
Restore the correct data directory for the kfcs server. Use "outdir" to see what is the directory for tonight (like /sdata1400/kcwi1/<UTDATE>)