The following tables list the optical characteristics of KCWI. In some instances (denoted by *) predicted values are listed in lieu of actual measurements.

Table 1: Optical Characteristics

Location Left Nasmyth platform, Keck II; removable from focus
Bandpass (blue channel) 350 to 560 nm (acceptable performance to 700 nm)
Field of View 20 arcsec x (8.3, 16.5, or 33) arcsec selectable
Telescope Plate Scale 1.375 arcsec/pixel
Detector Plate Scale 0.15 arcsec/pixel
IFU Pupil Array Radius 225 mm
IFU Slicer Radius 5200 mm
Aberration Correction Cylindrical fold mirror
Slit Height 14.5 mm
Slit Width 0.25, 0.5, 1 mm selectable
Beam Size 150 mm
Collimator Focal Length 2160 mm
Camera Focal Length 305 mm
Gratings VPH, 250 x 350 mm, selectable
Blue Detector e2v 4kx4k, 15 microns pixel, thin, AR-coated CCD
Image Resolution ~ 10 microns RMS (seeing-limited)