The XMET display is an informational widget providing current meteorlogical information. XMET is a monitor program and offers no controls.

To start XMET, right click on a blue background desktop in your VNC session and from the popup menu select, depending on the instrument:

K2 Telescope Status Menu → XMET - Weather


Telescope GUIs → XMET - Weather

Stop XMET by using the Close option from the window menu, accessible by clicking the button at the top left of the window.

The observers version of XMET displays a graph of temperatures over a selectable time period. Instantaneous values are displayed, as well as the following values on the graph, which is updated every minute:

There is a second line graph which displays the outside humidity (cyan line) and dome humidity (red line) over a selectable period of time. Both graphs are updated every minute.

XMET also displays the wind speed (mph) and direction. The wind speed is shown as the instantaneous current value, the last minute maximum and the last 30 minutes maximum. The wind direction is represented in terms of the minimum, maximum and average value within the last minute.

The stop-lite buttons on the right side of the display warn if the dewpoint is approaching the specified temperature (e.g., primary or secondary mirror temperatures or outside temp). These calculations are based on instantaneous data and they are color coded as follows:

There is also a precipitation indicator.

Warning messages

Warning text displayed in the red alarm box indicate the following: