Virtual Network Computing (VNC) is a technology that allows us to run software within a “desktop” that is not tied to a particular display; a VNC desktop can be accessed from various sites at the same time by multiple users. WMKO has used VNC to enable remote usage of Keck instruments for many years and is now switching to using VNC routinely for all observing and instrument operations. We see several benefits to this approach:

Starting VNC Desktops at Waimea HQ

Start Primary VNC Desktops

Start Secondary VNC Desktops

Starting VNC Desktops at Remote Sites

The procedure for launching VNC desktops from remote sites varies from site to site, but generally follows this procedure:

Types of Desktops

VNC desktops come in two flavors, signifying their function:

Switching Desktops

Sometimes two VNC desktops will be displayed on the same screen but in different parts of the local virtual desktop. Generally, the tan desktop will occupy the upper right quadrant and the blue desktop will be in the lower right. To switch bewteen desktops, press the Front key to reveal the local virtual desktop and click in the desired quadrant to change windows.

Closing Desktops

Simply click the X at the top right of the VNC desktop to close the viewer. Please note that the VNC server persists, allowing yo to reconnect to it later.