MAKEE Keck Observatory HIRES Data Reduction Software (alternate site)

NOTICE: You can obtain the October 2000 version of MAKEE here. The CalTeck MAKEE site is more up to date.

Features in October 2000 makee.

"MAKEE" (MAuna Kea Echelle Extraction) is a data reduction package for the HIRES instrument at Keck Observatory. It is optimized for the spectral extraction of single, unresolved point sources.

The program "makee" is designed to run non-interactively using a set of default parameters. Taking the raw HIRES FITS files as input, MAKEE produces spectral FITS images (each row is an echelle order). The data values are in arbitrary (relative) units, and each order has a 6th order polynomial heliocentric, vacuum wavelength scale (in Angstroms) stored in the FITS header.

Currently, the program will wavelength calibrate both data from the Red and UV HIRES cross dispersers. It can handle both 1x1 and 1x2 (column x row) binned data on the 2048x2048 HIRES CCD (more info) .

Main Documents
MAKEE Command Syntax MAKEE Theory of Operations
HIRES Reduction Cookbook ESI Reduction Cookbook
Pipeline Reduction Obtaining and Installing MAKEE

Special Topics
Description of Input Files Description of Output Files Viewing Your Spectra
Wavelength Scales Temperature effects on wavelength scale Description of Related Programs
HIRES Observing Strategies ESI Observing Strategies ESI Wavelength Calibration
Flux Calibration Recommended Standard Stars Combining Exposures
Extracting Resolved and Multiple Point Source Controlling the Object Extraction Boundaries Atmospheric Absorption Correction
FITS Header Cards IRAF Compatibility ...

Several "0." help files come with the makee package. These include: