This page describes the Observer Gui that is available to the observer during the afternoon and night. This gui is automatically started when the LRIS software is started. If it is not an ADC night, the gui should be shutdown manually.

Under normal observing conditions, observers should do two things with the observing gui.

  1. Set the optimal wavelength range. The default is 3400 to 9000. The range may be adjusted at anytime using the "Change" button at the right of the wavelength range.
  2. Monitor along with the AO that the ADC is tracking during exposures.

The observer gui may be restarted using the pull down menus.

LRIS Control Menu -> Subcomponents... -> Re-start ADC GUI

Below is are screen shot of the observer gui when the ADC is tracking and when the ADC is at it's at is maximum separation because the elevation is below 30 deg. Below the images are descriptions of the gui components and lists of possible values.

Note that anything highlighted in yellow indicates a problem.

In addition to track mode, there are three other modes that may be displayed. If these modes occur during observing, this could be an indication that there is a problem.

In the afternoon, before the OA initializes the ADC, the ADC could be in one of the modes set above. This is not a problem, and the ADC should be set to TRACK when the OA initializes the ADC.