Titan NIRC2 Observing Instructions

Surface map computed from 2003-2004 images

Observing Instructions

The following observing sequence should take 15-25 minutes to complete depending on the script used. Anything in typewriter font is a NIRC2 command which can be copied and pasted into any waikoko window.

  1. Instruct the OA to slew to Titan. Coordinates can be found here (thanks to Henry Roe).
  2. While slewing, run the following script to configure NIRC2 and get ready for test images: /home/nirc2eng/vis/teamkeck/titan_setup.
  3. Have the OA close the AO loops using auto-AO settings tool with 1.0" centroid offset scaling.
  4. Take a test image (test), determine the x,y pixel position of Titan using the cursor, and if necessary move Titan to the detector center by running: mov x y 256 256 (only central 512x512 subarray is being read out).
  5. Run one of the following macros, depending on the time available:
    /home/nirc2eng/vis/teamkeck/titan2filt 8.2 min runtime
    /home/nirc2eng/vis/teamkeck/titan3filt 12.2 min runtime
    /home/nirc2eng/vis/teamkeck/titan4filt 16.3 min runtime
  6. In case you have trouble running the macro, the following NIRC2 commands are equivalent to running titan4filt (though less efficient):
    • camera narrow; pupil largehex; pmrrot on; wait4ao on ; wait4dar off
    • object Titan ; subc 512
    • filt kp ; sampmode 3 8 ; tint 10 ; coadd 3 ; bxy3 1.25 n=2
    • filt nb2.108 ; sampmode 3 32 ; tint 60 ; coadd 1 ; bxy3 1.25 n=1
    • filt brgamma ; sampmode 3 32 ; tint 60 ; coadd 1 ; bxy3 1.25 n=1
    • filt he1_b ; sampmode 3 16 ; tint 30 ; coadd 1 ; bxy3 1.25 n=2
  7. Please send email with data directory and start/end file numbers to abouchez@astro.caltech.edu
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