The scientific and technical staff of the W. M. Keck Observatory maintains an active program of observational astronomical research under the auspices of "Team Keck". Current members include:

Taft Armandroff (captain), Randy Campbell, Al Conrad, Scott Dahm, Bob Goodrich, Grant Hill, Marc Kassis, Shui Kwok, David Le Mignant, Jim Lyke, Jeff Mader, Jorg-Uwe Pott, Sam Ragland, Hien Tran, Greg Wirth, and Jullien Woillez.

Emeritus members include: Fred Chaffee, Paola Amico, Antonin Bouchez.

Team Keck's projects exploit the power of the world's largest optical telescopes combined with cutting-edge instrumentation, and represent a broad spectrum of astronomical disciplines, from nearby stars to distant galaxies, from high-resolution imaging to deep spectroscopic surveys, and from the near-ultraviolet to the mid-infrared wavelength regimes. Telescope time for these investigations is provided from the Director's time allotment.

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