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Keck Uranus AO image

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New photos from Bill Brevoort...
M33 - Bill Brevoort
M45 - Bill Brevoort
NGC891 - Bill Brevoort
NGC891 - Bill Brevoort

Mercury Transit

This Mercury Transit image was taken by Craig Nance with a Nikon D70 digital SLR through a 10" f/6 Newtonian telescope. The sunlight was filtered with a full aperture Thousand Oaks Optical type 2+ solar filter. The 1/400 second exposure was taken at 12h51m42s HST on November 8, 2006. Mercury is the small, black disk to the lower right of the center of the Sun.

Comet 73P B and C

This image was taken by Wayne Fukunaga with a Canon 20D on an Astro-Physics 5" Refractor. The shot was taken at at 02:39 HST on 4/30/2006 from the MK-VIS as the Comet was passing by the bright star Zeta Herculis.

More images by Wayne...
M33 - Wayne Fukunaga
NGC253 - Wayne Fukunaga
M8 - Wayne Fukunaga

Astro Day 2006 WHAC participants
Mark Baril, Jack Lewis, Craig Nance, Craig Combes, Doug Summers

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