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    Andrew Cooper

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    Cliff Livermore



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    Selected Astronomy Links

    MKWC Seeing Forecast
    Hawaii Weather
    Mauna Kea Weather Forecast
    Mauna Kea webcams
    Hale Pohoku Weather Conditions
    Space Weather

    Observing Planning Support
    Monthly Moon Phases
    Online LST Calculator - use 155 47 00 west
    Online Constellation Guide
    Weekly Info on Bright Comets
    Comets (future predictions)
    Satellites, Iridium flashes, & ISS passovers
    Air mass calculator for Mauna Kea
    Planning Software (Excel)
    Nasa/IPAC Extragalactic DB (NEDS)

    Planetary Sciences
    The Planetary Society
    Association of Lunar & Planetary Observers
    The Nine Planets

    The NASA Homepage
    SkyView Internet Virtual Telescope
    Space Flight (Shuttle, ISS)
    HST Greatest Hits 1990 - 1995
    Space Telecope Science Institute

    Sky & Telescope
    Astronomy Magazine
    Yahoo - Astronomy Page
    Willmann-Bell Publishing, Inc.

    Educational Institution Sites
    Ask an astronomer at Lick Observatory
    Astronomy Cafe

    Education & Observing Articles
    The Colors of Double Stars (Article)

    General Purpose - Fun Sites
    Astronomy Picture of the Day
    Astronomical Society of the Pacific

    Sites of Sites (loads-O-links)
    Mike Boschat's Astronomy Links

    Amateur Telescope Making
    ATM Journal

    Telescope Techniques
    Startest Collimation
    Nils Olof Carlin Collimation page
    Collimation Adventures

    Telescope Performance Tuning - "Seeing" Doubles
    "Seeing" Doubles list
    Understanding Resolution Limits

    Unique Spring Galaxies
    Unique Spring Galaxies list

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