There are currently two packages available for reducing your HIRES data: the MAKEE software written by Tom Barlow and HIRES Redux from Jason X. Prochaska.

  1. The MAKEE package has been modified from the original version to handle the new data format of the HIRES upgraded CCD mosaic. For instructions on how to install and use MAKEE, and detailed descriptions of the package and its output data products, visit the MAKEE page. Look at the first part of the '0.WhatsNew' file in the download package for what's new for the new mosaic. The syntax that should be employed with MAKEE is described here.

    A version of MAKEE is running in one of the local machines at the remote observing room 1. Ask your staff astronomer for further information.

  2. HIRES Redux is an IDL-based data reduction pipeline written by Jason X. Prochaska. Details on how to obtain, install, and use this package can be found on his HIRES Redux page.