Observing modes offered for science

1. Low risk:

  1. Target <60" from TT reference (with PA restrictions for r>30"; ( see AO Guide Star Tool page).
  2. TT reference R<19.5 in VA mode. This works for on-axis science, where the TT reference is the science target.
  3. TT reference R<17.0 in PA mode, if pupil rotation is <2°/min.
  4. Dithering over up to a 40" box (no faster than every 2 min).
2. Medium risk:
  1. TT reference 17.0<R<19.0 in PA mode, if pupil rotation is <2°/min.
  2. Observations which require <15 mas positioning accuracy on the science detector.
3. High risk:

Observations which do not meet the requirements of the two above categories are considered high risk. Please contact us by email or phone if you have questions regarding a particular proposed observation.