Adaptive Optics Working Group

This page introduces the Keck AO Working Group
and presents the work undertaken by this working group.

The members of the working group:
  • Co-chairs: Mike Liu (UH) and Claire Max (LLNL, UCSC)
  • Members: Antonin Bouchez (Caltech), Rich Dekany (Caltech), David Koo (UCSC), Bruce Macintosh (LLNL), Franck Marchis (UCB), Keith Matthews (Caltech).
  • For the Keck AO Team:
    David Le Mignant and Peter Wizinowich

"To assist in prioritization and advocate the optimization of the scientific output of the Keck adaptive optics facilities, in conjunction with the adaptive optics science instruments."

  • Represent the interests of the Keck AO user community in interactions with the Observatory and the SSC. This should include soliciting input from the broader Keck AO user community and informing the community of the group's role.
  • Specifically, assist the Observatory and SSC in defining the priorities and resources that should be applied to AO.
  • Collaborate with the Keck AO group to:
    • Propose, define and evaluate the benefits of, potential Keck AO improvements or characterization tasks.
    • Define priorities, both near and long-term, based on the charter.
    • Facilitate useful interactions with the CfAO and other communities.
    Two annual written reports to be provided to the SSC and Observatory Directory.
  1. Recommended Keck AO priorities for the next fiscal year. This should be provided by the end of March for the next fiscal year, which starts in October
  2. Recommended long term Keck AO priorities. To be provided by the end of September (6 months out of synch with the previous report).

Next Generation Keck AO: Science Case

AOWG Presentations, Reports and Minutes:

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