W.M. Keck Observatory

VSQ Booking Priorities

      1. Observing Assistants on night duty
      2. WMKO staff supporting observing, ALL night or second half
      3. Scheduled Observers, Second half [First two (2) per team]
      4. Scheduled Observers, First half [First two (2) per team]
      5. WMKO staff supporting observing, first half
      6. Remainder of Scheduled Observers above two (2), second half
      7. Remainder of Scheduled Observers above two (2), first half
      8. Instrument commissioning teams, 2 maximum at a time
      9. Observers arriving a single day ahead of their run
      10. Observers reducing data a single day after their run
      11. WMKO Remote Workers, CARA Board, SSC (or other WMKO committee) members
      12. Observers and others who submit late reservation forms, less than 14 days before observing date.
      13. Job candidates
      14. Other business purposes

Confirmed reservations subject to cancellation:

For questions concerning VSQ accommodations, email vsq@keck.hawaii.edu

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