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169 update 30 Dec 2016

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3 Micron Imaging of the Hubble Deep Field
AJ 119 1519

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Nature 408 689

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A deep search for the optical counterpart to the anomalous X- ray pulsar 1E 2259+58.6
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67 Additional L Dwarfs Discovered by the Two Micron All Sky Survey
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RX J0911+05 A Massive Cluster Lens at z = 0.769
ApJL 544 L35

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A Single Circumbinary Disk in the HD 98800 Quadruple System
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On the deuterium abundance at z_a = 3.514 towards APM 08279+5255
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Planets Orbiting Other Suns
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Measurement of (O III) Emission in Lyman-Break Galaxies
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The Rest-Frame Optical Spectrum of MS 1512-cB58
ApJL 533 L65

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The Spectrum of TMR-1C Is Consistent with a Background Star
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Rotational Velocities of Low-Mass Stars in the Pleiades and Hyades
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B3 0003+387 AGN-Marked Large-Scale Structure at Redshift 1.47?
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A list of articles referencing data collected with the Keck Telescopes.

This bibliography is limited to articles published in refereed journals.


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