In case the daemons have to be stoped.

Procedure for stopping the daemons for NIRES.

  • Another way to check that the scripts are running is by issuing a nires status
  • The output should look similar to this:
    niresserver1 runs the global server, temperature control server, flexure
    control server and the imaging detector server.
    Under normal conditions, -2- of each type will be running.
    username    pid    service
    --------    ---    -------
    niresrun      138    nfcs
    niresrun      457    nfcs
    niresrun      819    nids
    niresrun      889    nids
    niresrun      25310    ntcs
    niresrun      25820    ntcs
    niresrun      482    nires
    niresrun      515    nires
    niresrun      27707    nsds
    niresrun      27708    nsds
  • The nsds daemons runs on niresserver2.
  • to stop a server use the stop_daemon command where daemons is the one to stop. For example to stop the nids one would type stop_nids the output would look like:
    Shutting down nids
    Shutting down server...
    setting shutdown = 1 (wait)
  • one can check that the daemons is not running by using ct or nires status .