Please follow the starlist format descibed here. We suggest to submit your starlist by using the observer login page. Doing so will install your starlist file into the directory /kroot/starlists/web/username.

Check For Suitable Guide Stars

An observation with NIRES is guided with a visible guider mounted some 4 arcmin offset from the slit. As described before , it is an optical guider mounted on the same rotator as the instrument. Therefore, changing the PA changes the region of the sky seen by the guider. It is possible that for a given PA the guider will not find a suitable guide star. In general, a star visible in the DSS would be suitable for guiding. So if a specific PA is needed please check that a suitable guide star is available. If not, then consider changing the PA.
  1. log on on to the observer login page.
  2. After loading the starlist click on edit List (Non-AO)
  3. Select K2 NIRES as the instrument and NIRES as PO
  4. Click show guide star catalog. This will show a table for the possible guide stars. It will also display a DSS for the field. It has three labels: NIRES, REF and REFN. NIRES is the pointing origin for the slit. REF is the PO for the guider. The possible guide starts are circled in red.
  5. Change the PA by editing the pos Angle(deg) box. This is next to the K2 NIRES box. Click on Update Target.
  6. See how the guider field of view rotates as you change the PA.
  7. If you click on a guide star a green box appears. You can select the correct PA so that the green box is inside the REF blue square box.
  8. Unfortunatelly, this application does not enter the position angle in the correct format for Magiq. Please check the formatting instructions to enter the rotator position and rotator mode correctly.