NIRES keywords belong in two separate libraries: Different commands must be used to view (show) or change (modify) the keywords in these libraries as descr ibed below:

Action spectrograph keywords slit viewer keywords
show show -s nsds keyword show -s nids keyword
show (shortcut) s keyword si keyword
modify modify -s nsds keyword=value modify -s nids keyword=value
modify (shortcut) m keyword=value mi keyword=value
Commands used to set or show the spectrograph or slit viewer keywords

The following tables list all of the keywords contained in the NIRES spectrograph and NIRES slit viewer libraries.

NIRES Keywords

Keyword Description Datatype Libraries
ABORT Abort exposure immediately (1), after read (2), after coadd (3) integer S, I
ARRAYCOLS Number of columns of detector integer S, I
ARRAYROWS Number of rows of detector integer S, I
BADPIX Fits filename containing bad pixel map string S, I
CALCREADS Automatically calculate number of reads integer S, I
CDSMODE Set SDSU CDS MODE bit integer S, I
COADDS Number of frames to coadd integer S, I
COADDSDONE Completed frames in current coaddition sequence integer S, I
COMMENT Comment for frame string S, I
DATAFILE Filename for saved data image string S, I
DETPOW Turn on(1)/off(0) detector power integer S, I
DUMPTABLE Display all keywords and their values integer I
ELAPSEDMS Exposure elapsed time (ms) integer S, I
EXPOSING Flag for when an exposure is in progress integer S, I
EXTENSION FITS file extension string S, I
FAULT Server fault (defined in tds.h) integer S, I
FILENAME Full path name of image currently exposing string S, I
FRAMENUM Frame Number integer S, I
FRAMESPERBUFF Frames per buffer integer S, I
GAIN Detector gain in electrons per ADU float S, I
GETACSKW Get ACS keywords for FITS header flag integer S, I
GETAOKW Get AO keywords for FITS header flag integer S, I
GETDCSKW Get DCS keywords for FITS header flag integer S, I
GETKW Get NIRES keywords for FITS header flag integer S, I
GO Start a saved exposure integer S, I
IMAGEDONE Set to 1 when image is written to disk integer S, I
IMAGETYPE Type of image written to disk (-2: aborted test, -1: aborted data, 1: data image, 2: test image) integer S, I
INIT Initialize, reset, and power up SDSU controller integer S, I
INSTR Spectrometer (spec) or Imager (imag) string S, I
ITIME Integration time float S,I
LASTALIVE Time at which server was last noted to be alive string S, I
LASTFILE Full path name of last image that was written to disk string S, I
LINCOEFF Fits file with linearization coefficients string S, I
LOADTIM Load timing-board DSP .lod file integer S, I
LOCKENG Lock all engineering keywords string I
LOGLEVEL Logging level control integer S, I
LSCLIENT List current UI clients connected to the server integer I
MAXFRAMESPERBUFF Maximum Frames per buffer integer S, I
MAXREADS Maximum number of UTR reads integer S, I
MAXUTRREADS Maximum number of UTR reads integer S, I
MINRDITIME! Minimum time between reads float S, I
MINUTRRDITIME Minimum time between reads for UTR autocalc float S, I
NOISEFIL Filename containing read noise frame string S, I
NUMCHAN Number of channels of the array to read. integer S, I
NUMFS Number of Fowler samples (SDSU NFS) integer S, I
NUMREADS Number of reads per coadd integer S, I
NUMUTRS SDSU NUTR value integer S, I
OBJECT Object name string S, I
OBSTYPE Observation type: astro, star, calib string S, I
OUTDIR Directory to which saved files a written string S, I
PCIFILE Filename containing PCI DSP code string S, I
POWFAULT Controller power fault: 1=faulted, 0=not faulted integer S, I
POWSTAT Detector power state (0=off,1=on) integer S, I
PROGRESS Pecentage that exposure is complete float S, I
RDITIME Integration time between start of successive reads float S, I
READSDONE Number of completed reads for current frame integer S, I
READTIME Array pixel readout time float S, I
READY Flag for SDSU System readyness (0:busy/error, 1:ok to expose) integer S, I
RELOAD Reload keyword table to allow dynamically adding integer I
RESET Reset SDSU Controller integer S, I
SAMPMODE Sampling Mode: 1: UTR, 2: PseudoCDS: Subtract 2nd read from last, 3: Fowler, 4: Single integer S, I
SATURATE Saturation level of detector integer S, I
SAVETEST Save more recent test exposure integer S, I
SBNBID Board ID for SBN command integer S, I
SBNBNAME Board name, VID or CLK string S, I
SBNDAC DAC number for SBN command integer S, I
SBNVOLT Voltage for SBN command integer S, I
SERCOM H2RGSerial register command integer S
SETAEX Send AEX command to timing-board DSP integer S
SETINI Initialize array and DSP registers integer S
SETISM Initialize timing board external memory with this value integer S
SETNUM Dataset Number integer S, I
SETRIR Clear H2RG registers integer S
SETSBN Execute SBN command integer S, I
SETSEX Execute SEX command integer S, I
SETSMX Execute SMX command integer S, I
SETSTP Stop idle integer S, I
SETSVO Execute SVO command integer S, I
SHUTDOWN Shut down the server integer S, I
SIMIMAGE Turn on(1)/off(0) DSP-simulated image integer S
SIMINC Value to increment each pixel value integer S
SIMULATE Simulation control integer S, I
SMXBID Board ID for SMX command integer S, I
SMXMUX1 Clock output for MUX1 connector integer S, I
SMXMUX2 Clock output for MUX2 connector integer S, I
STATUS Current status of electronics string S, I
STEST Test function integer S, I
SVOBID Board ID for SVO command integer S, I
SVODAC DAC number for SVO command integer S, I
SVOVOLT Voltage for SVO command integer S, I
TDL Test data link, send TDL command integer S, I
TEST Start a test exposure integer S, I
TESTDIR Directory to which test files are written string S, I
TESTFILE Name for data file for test exposure string S, I
TIMERPERIOD Set the time between each poll double S, I
TIMFILE Filename containing timing DSP code string S, I
WRITEALL Write each read of exposure to disk (0:no, 1:yes) integer S, I