MAGMA : MOSFIRE Automatic GUI-based Mask Application, is a tool that is used for several purposes:

  1. Designing new slitmask for use with MOSFIRE.
  2. Opening previous designs for review and modification.
  3. Executing masks when observing (at the telescope only).

Designing masks should be done off line in advance of your observing session. Opening existing designs and modifying them may take place off line or during the observing session. The same software is also used to control the configurable slitmask unit in real time to configure a mask during the night. Unlike LRIS and DEIMOS mask designs, you do not send them to Keck in advance of your run. Instead, you transfer your mask designs to the observing numbered account on the day of your run.

The tool takes as input a list of ranked targets and generates the best mask for a target field given a set of search and mask design criteria that may be modified.

An on-line help is accessible after starting the MAGMA software by clicking the Help option on the right of the top menu-bar. The on-line help documentation explains the software in more detail and gets new mask designer's started. Included in the help pages are descriptions of:

The software may be down loaded via the links below.
OS Version Release
MAC/LINUX/Solaris 1.1 2012-10-02 magma_1.1.tar.gz.
1.0 2012-08-07 magma_1.0.tar.gz.
Windows 1.1 2012-10-02
1.0 2012-08-07

If you encounter any troubles using MAGMA, consult this list of known MAGMA problems.