Unless noted, all CCD characteristics refer to unbinned readout mode.

Parameter Slit-Viewing
Camera Head Photometrics CH250 Photometrics CH250
Camera Electronics Photometrics CE200 Photometrics CE200
Camera Controller Photometrics CC200 Photometrics CC200
Detector Thomson 7863 CCD Thomson 7863 CCD
Detector Type Front-side illuminated Front-side illuminated
Detector Cooling Thermoelectric with glycol heat exchanger Thermoelectric with glycol heat exchanger
Inverse Gain 1.66 e-/ADU
Readnoise* 146 e-
Detector Size 384 × 288 px 384 × 288 px
Pixel size 23 µm 23 µm
Pixel scale 0.239 arcsec/px 0.213 arcsec/px
Field of view 91.8 × 68.8 arcsec 82.6 × 61.3 arcsec
Sensitivity Limit (unfiltered) TBD TBD
Orientation for SKYPA=0 North right, East up North right, East up
Filters See table below See table below
Focal Plane Coordinates of Camera Center X=7.33 mm
Y=-260.47 mm
X=-241 mm
-219<Y<-309 mm
LRIS pixel coordinates of camera center N/A
Usable modes Longslit spectroscopy
Multislit spectroscopy**
Longslit spectroscopy
Multislit spectroscopy
Direct imaging
Effective Date 02-Jul-1999

*For 2x2 binned readout mode.
**When used with pickoff mirrors.


As of March 2001, the two LRIS guide cameras have identfical filter complements, as specified in the tables below. To insert a particular filter, use the modify (m) command in conjunction with the appropriate keyword name (tv1filt for the offset guider and tv2filt for the slit-viewing guider) and filter position number to select the filter.

Guider Offset (Movable) Slit-viewing (Fixed)
Keyword tv1filt tv2filt
Filter 1 Clear glass Clear glass
Filter 2 B B
Filter 3 V V
Filter 4 R R

Changing Filters

For example, to select the V filter on the offset guider, you would type the following command at the shell prompt on lrisserver:

     lrisserver{lris1}: m tv1filt=3
If the computer believes that a certain filter is inserted, requesting that filter again will have no effect. Hence, if you believe the wrong filter is in place, move to another filter and then back to the desired filter. For example, to ensure that the clear filter is in position on the slit-viewing guider:
     lrisserver{lris1}: m tv2filt=2
     lrisserver{lris1}: m tv2filt=1