Keck Instrument Technical Notes


The instrument group needs a repository of collected knowledge. Eventually, we'll want an index of KITNs on this webpage that is sortable by KITN number, instrument, and title. Until JLyke can figure out how to do this, we'll deal with a static table.

When you wish to add a new KITN, please add its number to the index before you start so that we don't have competing document numbers. KITNs will need to be saved here in both .doc and .pdf format. Please name your documents KITNxxxx.doc and KITNxxxx.pdf. This will aid organization.

There are 3 templates from which to choose, depending upon what kind of KITN you want on your KITN. When you open the template in Word, change the number from "xxxx" to your number by: View -> Headers and Footers. The header should then be editable.
Template 1 (.doc) Template 2 (.doc) Template 3 (.doc)


KITN # Instrument Title Author Downloads
0001 ---- KITN Index ---- Word PDF
0002 NIRSPEC Flat Lamp Intensity Adjustment jlyke Word PDF
0003 LGS-AO Starlist Processing jlyke Word PDF
0004 LRIS Polarimetry with the ADC Goodrich Word PDF
0005 LGS-AO Expected Brightness of Aircraft Goodrich Word PDF
0006 LGS-AO Ability to Operate in Twilight Goodrich Word PDF
0007 General Changing fvwm2 Menus (CVS) jlyke Word PDF
0008 General E-mail Address Lists Kassis Word PDF
0009 General Dome Lamp optical transmission measurements Kassis Word PDF
0010 LRIS LRIS Polarimetry Comparison with and without the ADC Goodrich Word PDF
0011 General Web Page documentation Kassis Word PDF
0012 General Nonsidereal Starlist Generator jlyke Word PDF
0013 General Instrument PM Project: Software Requirements Hill Word PDF
0014 Guiding “Centroid Gain” for On-Slit Guiding Goodrich Word PDF
0015 ESI Guider Pixel Scale Derivation Wirth Word PDF
0016 General Nasmyth Instrument Tracking Velocity & Acceleration Wirth Word PDF
0017 General Security Considerations for Instrument VNC Desktops Wirth Word PDF
0018 General Considerations for Implementing “Mainland Observing Mode Most Anytime” (MOMMA) Wirth Word PDF
0019 NIRSPEC Drift Investigation Lyke Word PDF
0020 General Instrument Firefox Config Wirth Word PDF
0021 General Weblint: A Tool for Checking Instrument Web Pages Wirth Word PDF
0022 Mainland Observing Remote Site Configuration Requirements for WMKO Mainland Observing Wirth Word PDF
0023 General Remote Observing Site Manager's Guide Wirth Word PDF
0024 General 2011 UCO/Lick Site Visit Recap Wirth Word PDF
0025 General The Case for Migrating Ownership of the DEIMOS/LRIS Slitmask Database from UCO/Lick to Keck Wirth Word PDF
0026 General Proposed Modifications to Summit Slitmask Computers to Enable TCP/IP Transfer of Files to Mill Wirth Word PDF
0027 Mainland Observing ISDN Router Control Keyword Library Design Document Wirth, Kibrick, Lanclos Word PDF
0028 Mainland Observing ISDN Router Monitoring and Control Software Design Document Wirth, Kibrick, Lanclos Word PDF
0029 Mainland Observing Mainland Observing Monitoring Software Kibrick, Lanclos, Wirth Word PDF
0030 Instruments Telescope Morning Handover Procedures Wirth Word PDF
0031 Mainland Observing Procedure for Bringing a New Mainland Observing Site Online Wirth, Kibrick, Lanclos Google Doc PDF
0032 DEIMOS DEIMOS Grating Problems and Possible Solutions Wirth Word PDF
0033 Instruments Considerations for Migrating the DEIMOS/LRIS Slitmask Database from UCO to WMKO Wirth Word PDF
0034 Mainland Observing Evaluation of Options for Remote Ops Observing Seat Upgrades Mader, Wirth Word PDF
0035 KCWI Python Scripts Guidelines for creating Python scrips for KCWI Rizzi Word PDF
0036 OSIRIS OSIRIS Hackathon: May 2016 Lyke et al. Google Doc PDF
0037 OSIRIS OSIRIS Hackathon: September 2016 Lyke et al. Google Doc PDF
0038 OSIRIS OSIRIS Hackathon: March 2017 Lyke et al. Google Docs Folder PDF
0039 General Science and Facility Instruments Common Requirements Specification Casey & Kassis Word PDF

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