Slitmask Design Statistics

Information contained in the slitmask database was used to determine how often observers are late in submitting their mask designs, and how late. The plot below shows the statistics for a recent six-month time period. At left is shown the requested lead time of 4 weeks for LRIS and normal DEIMOS masks, and 8 weeks for DEIMOS “megamasks” (masks with more than 200 slits). The y-axis shows the fraction of masks still outstanding at x days before the run. If all observers submitted their masks before the deadlines, the plots below would be a boring white, with no gray areas. As it stands, the number of masks that are on-time is shown by the gap between the gray area and the 100% mark on the left-hand side of the plot. This gap is 9% for LRIS masks, 16% for DEIMOS masks, and 0% for DEIMOS megamasks. These represent the fractions of masks that actually meet the deadline.