The adc command may be used to start and stop processes as well as obtain information about the process that are running. This is a low level command that may be used for troubleshooting.

To run this command you have to be on the adcserver running under the appropriate account name. Simply running

produces the following output that displays all available options.
    adc [opts]  [info|start|restart|stop|status|pid|config]  subsystem...

     Subsystem              Description             Invokes
   -----------              -----------           ---------------
   engr or engineering      Engineering GUI
   observer                 Observer GUI

   dispatchers or daemons   All ADC dispatchers   gal pul
   galil                    Galil disp  
   pulizzi                  Pulizzi disp

-p,arg...       Pass arg,... to subsys as preargs (for debugging)
-P,arg...       Pass arg,... to subsys as postargs (for debugging)

as an example if you want to stop and start the dispatchers

 adc stop dispatchers
      adc start dispatchers