Keck Adaptive Optics

Visible (850nm) imaging

This is the best image (from a resolution standpoint) recorded with Keck II adaptive optics: Full width Half Maximum = 22.8 milliarcseconds, with a Strehl ratio of 6%. Wavelength of image = 850 nm.

Comparison of star imaged without, and with AO

(non-corrected image is on left)

This spectroscopic double has possibly been resolved optically

(confirmation needed)
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Separation is 52 milli-arcsec as measured by KCam with adaptive optics corrections.
Parallax for Sao64240 is 7.8 mas.

Observed in H band on two separate nights.

Frosty Leo (a post AGB star with a bi-polar nebula). In the visible the central star is invisible so guiding was done on the lobes of the nebula.

The central star of the nebula has been observed as a double. Our preliminary results do not show such a companion, but data reduction is actively taking place to identify and remove artefacts.