Images recorded by Terry Stickel during the first commissioning night for the adaptive optics system at Keck.

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The on-summit Keck AO team celebrates the historic event in style.  Front row (l-to-r): Chris Shelton, Kevin Ho, Paul Stomski, Scott Acton.  Back row (l-to-r): Olivier Lai, William Lupton, Peter Wizinowich.

Scott Acton in the Keck II summit control room reports on progress via PicTel to Fred Chaffee (dressed in coat and tie for the occasion) in the Keck II remote observing room in Waimea.

The summit AO team at work:  Seated (l-to-r): William Lupton, Paul Stomski, Olivier Lai, Peter Wizinowich and Chris Shelton.  Standing: Scott Acton.

An image of the summit PicTel screen showing Hilton Lewis and John Gathright back in Waimea solving some early evening software problems.

Kevin, Paul, Olivier (seated) and William and Scott (standing) study the AO screens.  The wavefront controller pupil mask and the deformable mirror surface map can be seen on the monitors near the center of the picture.

Monitor showing the before and after images (processed in real time by Olivier Lai) shown above.  Peter's tousled head of hair graces the foreground.

The deformable mirror and wavefront sensor monitors.  In the absence of the earth's atmosphere, the deformable mirror would look flat--i.e. the fringes would be straight parallel lines.