AO Operations and Engineering

Working at night? check the Nighttime Observing pages

Calibrations Procedures: Operations Procedures:

Temperature Monitoring:

Video monitoring:
AO enclosure

Power up/down tip-tilt mirrors:
Web-based console (instructions)

General policies and references:

The table below is a guidelines for coordinating/prioritizing the AO activities and making sure that the summit schedules and K1/2 AO calendars are updated as appropriate. See Colette if you have questions.

Activity Summit Schedule K1/K2 AO Calendars Comments or Additional Requirements Who / How
TAC Science:
No Entry into AO enclosure.
Add calendar item;
Remotely available until 2:30pm
Low impact: calibration setup.
Higher impact: more cals, deformable mirror to lenslet registration, wavefront sensor calibrations, image sharpening.
1st Science Night of a Run
Reserved all day for night instrument.
Daylog entry
Troubleshooting in support of tonight's observing.
Add new entry:
Troubleshooting becomes a higher priority
Let AO Support/Support Astronomer know;
Daylog entry required.
Colette Tyau
Special Requests
During TAC science or first science night.
Change AORes to AOSR
Add calendar item; available only until 2:30pm
Any work on the optics bench requires email to +aousers.
Colette Tyau
Any other activity
Entry into AO okay.
Add calendar item.
Any work on the optics bench requires email to C. Tyau.
Daylog entry
Information for summit schedule:
AORes: AO Reserved: no one in AO at anytime during the day - lights dark.
inAO: Physically in AO and it's OK to have lights on.
AOSR: AO Special Request

  • Policy for working with and around the AO system
  • Interactive AO bench (requires Flash)
  • AO Preventive Maintenance:

  • Rotator Cleaning Procedure
  • AO Cleaning (schedule and follow-up)
  • Adjusting the fringes on the Wyko

    Technical Procedures:
    SC reboot both AO
    OBS reboot and startup both AO
    Full AO power up/down procedure
    left here for reference but out of date
    K1AO K2AO

  • Cleaning the AO Bench html | Word Document
  • How to interpret effects of rotator on pupil and image
  • Calibrating & checking rotator alignment and pupil alignment on NIRC2: KAONs 251-256
  • AO Drawing Tree: html | Excel Spread Sheet Manuals:
  • Real Time Controller Maintenance Manual
  • Real Time Controller User Manual
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